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The Best Patio Furniture for Your Space

Updated: Apr 4

In recent times, there has been nowhere better or safer to be than in the comfort and closeness of your own backyard. Creating an oasis just steps from your door is one of the best investments you can make. Read on for tips on how to find the perfect patio furniture to match your space and your needs.

Planning the Space

Before you start browsing too much, be realistic and accurate with what you’re working with. While beautiful patio furniture can complement an already gorgeous yard, or distract from something unsightly, you don’t want the furniture to overwhelm your outdoor space. Consider what your yard can handle in terms of table size, number of chairs, and other patio accessories. Break out the measuring tape and take notes!

Remember Your Needs

Keep in mind how you will be using your new patio furniture. If you are looking for you and your partner to have quiet meals or to read a book, you probably don’t need a huge 12-seater. If you’re dreaming of large dinner parties, you can opt for more pieces or something versatile that allows you to swap out and pare down when needed. If you’re looking for dual-purpose furniture, find pieces that have built-in storage for things like outdoor dinnerware, blankets, or anything that could fly away or get damaged.

Durability and Comfort

What is your ideal combination of durability and comfort? Different materials can handle different weather conditions, so think ahead to how much wind, rain, and sun your space receives. Selecting durable pieces means the patio furniture can do some of the work for you!

While durability is important, so is comfort. Hard-backed chairs are okay for serving meals but not ideal if you’re hoping to create a lounge-worthy oasis. Cushions are very comfortable but require more maintenance to keep them clean and fresh. Whenever possible, test out your patio furniture to make sure it’s something that you can spend hours enjoying.

Storage and Protection

Also, be mindful of your storage needs. Are you able to pack away your patio furniture somewhere when the weather is rough? Do you need to make room in your shed? Consider furniture that folds down if you are short on storage space. Opt for an enclosure or place your furniture in a sheltered area to reduce the impact of harsher elements. Certain types of wood and wicker will lose their color and vibrancy over time, so consider how much that matters to you.

Patio Furniture Style

There’s no shortage of patio furniture colors and textures to choose from. Outdoor patio furniture is a great way to express your personal style and aesthetic. Whether you want to be bright and bold or subdued and earth-toned, you will have endless choices. Choosing your patio furniture style can help influence the rest of the design for your home and garden. If you add rugs, lights, pottery, or a fire pit, you can tie the look together with a complementary color scheme or style theme like desert, boho, or eclectic.

Patio furniture is a worthy investment; it’s true that you get what you pay for. Taking the time to plan ahead, find the right fit, and taking good care of your purchase will lead to many seasons of fun and comfort in your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for tips for choosing the perfect patio furniture for your space in Allentown, please contact or visit us. We’d love to help make your backyard patio dreams come true!


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