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Nursery in Allentown PA


Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center carries hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs. We have compiled a list of our best-selling varieties to help our customers with their landscape purchasing. Please note, the plants listed below are only a portion of all of the varieties that we carry in our nursery from early spring until late fall. If you are looking for a specific variety or size. We are able to make special orders per request. Specific trees and shrubs are sometimes only available at certain times of the year, Please visit our nursery to view our vast selection of nursery stock. We look forward to seeing you in our nursery!

Special Note: Our nursery listings are designed to provide a general guide for planting information and landscape ideas. Many factors play a role when planning your landscaping, such as wind, hours of sunlight, and morning or afternoon sun. We recommend speaking to one of our plant specialists before committing to a particular plant so you’re able to choose a variety that is best suited for your landscape conditions.

*Availability varies by week. Please direct all inquiries for specific varieties to

You will receive a response within 48-72 hours

Trees & Shrubs


Ornamental Grasses


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