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Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center strives to be a one-stop-shop for quality pond supplies. Our list of respected brands includes PondMaster, API PondCare, Laguna, and Firestone PondGard. Our pond care specialist will work with you to create a pond that fits your needs, solve any problems that may arise in your pond, and assist you in maintaining your pond throughout the years.


We only supply pond liners made by Firestone Tire. All liners are pre-cut and are extremely easy to install. We carry sizes 5’x5’ up to 20’x20’ year round. PondGard liners are easy to install because they do not require any special tools for installation. By purchasing a liner instead of a pre-formed pond, you have the ability to be creative and flexible in your pond design. PondGard liners are specially designed to be safe for all fish and plant life you choose to put in your pond. Firestone notes that the liners require very little maintenance after installation, if for some reason a puncture does occur, patching the area can be done with a self-adhesive patch. PondGard liners are designed to resist UV exposure, ozone frost, snow, and extreme temperatures. This means no cracking or splitting so you can sit back and enjoy the beauty of your pond.

For more information regarding PondGard liners, please visit:

Golden Gate Park


Our store carries a large selection of flowering and non-flowering pond plants throughout late spring into early fall. These plants improve the aesthetics of the pond area and also assist in oxygenating the water to promote the health of your fish and the containment of algae. Our pond plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and each have established root systems. Please call or visit the store for availability.


We carry a full line of Pondmaster pumps and filters to fit your pond requirements. Our pumps range in size from 65 gallons per hour up to 3,000 gallons per hour. PondMaster is one of the leading pond pump manufacturers in the U.S. and do have warranties on their products (1-3 years.) PondMaster also makes replacement parts easily available. We also carry a range of pressurized pond filters from PondMaster. A filter system will assist you in keeping your pond clear and healthy. Our store also supplies pond hosing in various sizes that can be cut to fit your custom measurements. Please call our store for sizing and availability.

Image by JR Harris
Image by Maja R.


Keep your fish happy by feeding them Tetra Pond fish food! Feeding your fish promotes their overall health, enhances their energy, and increases their life span. Your fish should be fed in the spring, summer, and fall, when the water temperature is 50 degrees and above. We carry a wide variety of Tetra Pond’s line ranging from spring and fall pellets to color enhancer fish food. Please see our pond expert to receive assistance on the right type of food for your pond and your fish.


Nothing can be more disheartening than a problem in your pond. We carry a huge assortment of pond care treatments by API PondCare to assist you in alleviating the problems that may arise over the course of maintaining a pond. Our assortment is directed towards the overall health of the pond water and fish that live inside. Our treatments include, but are not limited to, AlgaeFix, Pond pH UP and DOWN, Simply-Clear, Accu-Clear, and many more. Please visit our store for any issues that may arise in your pond and we can find a solution and a treatment.

Image by Eric Muhr
Image by JR Harris


We strive to be a resource that can cater to all of your pond care needs. In order for us to do so we stock our shelves with replacement parts for PondMaster pumps and filters, replacement UV lights for pond filters, pond skimmers, submersible lighting, barley bales, mosquito rings, pond netting, filter foam replacements, pond sealant, and many other items. Please call or store or visit our pond care specialist to view the entire assortment of pond maintenance items.

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