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Indoor plants on the windowsill


At Lehigh Valley Home and Garden center, we are known for our trees and shrubs, but we also have an extensive indoor houseplant collection.  As you walk through our luscious greenhouse you’ll notice our own quality grown plants as well as many handpicked, specialty varieties from trusted growers.

You can expect to find us stocked with tropicals, succulents, cacti, and other unique greenery. We look forward to sharing our extensive knowledge on plants and helping you make an educated decision when shopping for your next home or garden purchase.

We offer different sizes of houseplants as well as hanging baskets and carry a variety of potting soils to make sure we fit the needs of our plants even after they leave our care. It won’t take long for you find the perfect pot to complete your aesthetic.

From ceramic to plastic pots, soil to shrubbery, and pine trees to pothos, all your plant needs are covered at Lehigh Valley Home and Garden.

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