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Image by Lyndon Li


Want a greater, colorful focal point for your property in Allentown and surrounding areas in PA?

There’s no better option than trees and shrubs, and where else can you get varieties fresh from the nursery? Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center, of course!

Have you seen our beautiful collection of trees & shrubs? You need to!

Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center’s inventory boasts thousands of trees and shrubs, making us one of the leading nurseries in Allentown, PA, and surrounding cities. Our collection of plants are disease-resistant and come in various unique sizes, shapes, and colors.

Choose one of the hundreds of fresh trees and shrubs available from our nursery! Add color to your gardens with flowering plants that beautify your outdoor space with little effort.

Whether you want to screen your home from the prying eyes of the public or you intend to plant shrubs that let you enjoy cool shades in the searing heat of summers, all you need do is contact us! Or maybe you simply want to hide an unattractive spot. Whatever the reason, you’d be wowed by the amazing options that satisfy your needs and more.

With plants sourced from our nursery and new stock arriving weekly, you have an array of trees and shrubs to choose from. Every year and whenever we can, we add new varieties you’d struggle to find anywhere else in Pennsylvania. You can go for evergreens shrubs like Boxwoods, Arborvitaes, Cypress, Pine, Blue Spruce, Juniper, and others if you want year-round color.

We also have a great selection of deciduous plants including Lilacs, Forsythia, Hydrangeas, Knock Out & Drift Roses, Ornamental Grasses, and others that sprout flowers at various points throughout the season.

Deciduous trees, grown in large part by our own farm in the Lehigh Valley, supplies us with Red Maples, Oaks, Autumn Brilliance Serviceberries, ornamental Cherries, and many more. We can't forget to mention our locally sourced evergreen trees that include Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, Serbian Spruce, White Pine, as well as more evergreens to give you privacy.

If you're unable to take these plants home, we do have a delivery service that will be happy to bring the plants to where you need. *Please note that we bring a 3' wide ball cart to carry the trees to where you need it. If there is a narrow gate, too steep of a hill, or steps to get to the tree we will place the trees in the driveway. We will not plant the tree or dig the hole, but we do place it beside t

We’ve been doing this for 40 years and counting, so we understand your challenges with buying trees and shrubs. You need plants with a healthy root system and beautiful, full-sized, pest-free foliage. You want trees with straight trunks and a well-developed ladder. Not to worry!

Visit our nursery, and a friendly and knowledgeable staff member will be more than happy to assist you in selecting the right trees and shrubs with unbeatable prices for your needs!









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