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Stop and Smell the Roses: A Beginner's Guide to Landscaping with Roses in Style

Roses are one of those timeless blooms that have captivated gardeners for generations, and our garden rose guide is just what you need to bring their captivating beauty into your landscape this summer! From climbers to container varieties, here's how to pick the perfect roses for your garden and keep them growing for years to come! 

Embracing Roses in Your Garden

Roses have long symbolized romance and beauty, making them a trusted choice for gardeners worldwide. Although a classic pick in traditional English gardens, their versatility allows them to shine in various other gardening styles and designs. In the Lehigh Valley, roses flourish due to our region's favorable climate and soil conditions, providing endless opportunities for creative landscaping.

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Trending Ways to Use Roses

  • Cottage Gardens: Incorporate old-fashioned roses like 'Madame Hardy' or 'Reine des Violettes' into your garden this summer for a nostalgic touch. These varieties offer classic beauty along with a wonderful fragrance that instantly transforms any garden into a romantic retreat.

  • Chaos Gardening: Chaos gardening embraces a more natural and less structured approach, allowing roses to intermingle with other flowering plants and create a vibrant tapestry of blooms. We recommend mixing varieties like David Austin's 'English Roses' throughout your garden for a riot of colors and forms. 

  • Pollinator Gardens: Pollinator gardens are essential for supporting local wildlife, and single-petal roses are particularly effective at attracting native pollinators to your garden. Choose varieties like the 'Sally Holmes' rose to transform your garden into a home away from home for bees, butterflies, and other helpful visitors. 

  • Container Gardens: Container gardening with roses is perfect for those with limited space, offering flexibility and the ability to move plants as needed. Opt for compact varieties like 'Sweet Drift' or 'Pink Double Knock Out' to add elegance to patios and balconies. 

Selecting the Perfect Rose Varieties: A Beginner's Guide to Roses

Choosing the right rose variety is crucial for a thriving garden. Here are some of our favorite roses for Allentown and the Lehigh Valley, each with its unique charm:

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  • 'Knock Out' Roses: Renowned for their disease resistance, prolific blooms, and variety of colors, 'knock out' roses are low-maintenance and perfect for beginners, offering continuous blooms from spring to frost.

  • Climbing Roses: Climbing varieties are some of the best roses for landscaping and can transform a plain wall or fence into a spectacular floral display, adding height and drama to your garden. Our personal favorites are the 'New Dawn' and Zephirine Drouhin' varieties, which offer stunning vertical accents and are perfect for trellises.

When selecting roses, consider factors like color theory, fragrance, and growth habits to match your garden's style and personal preferences. If you're having trouble finding the right varieties for your specific space, stop by our garden center to browse our extensive selection of high-quality rose plants! 

Designing with Roses in Mind

Incorporating roses into your garden design can transform your landscape into a floral paradise. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  • Traditional Rose Beds: Traditional rose beds make excellent focal points in your garden, drawing attention with their lush and abundant blooms. Plant your roses in groups to achieve that classic, dramatic impact, ensuring proper spacing to promote air circulation.

  • Mixed Plantings: Mixed plantings offer year-round interest and can enhance the beauty of your roses by providing contrasting textures and colors. Combine your roses with other perennials and shrubs like lavender, salvia, and boxwood for a diverse and visually appealing garden. 

  • Container Gardens: Container gardening allows you to experiment with different rose varieties and create portable displays that can be easily moved to suit your needs. Use pots of varying heights and sizes to create a layered look that's perfect for small spaces.

Successful rose garden designs often feature thoughtful combinations of colors and textures, creating a harmonious and inviting space. When designing your rose garden, consider layout, spacing, and companion planting to maximize the visual impact of your roses. You'll also want to think about the overall theme and mood you want to achieve in your garden, whether it's a formal, structured look or a more relaxed, cottage-style aesthetic.

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Year-Round Care and Maintenance

Proper care is essential to keep your roses healthy and blooming throughout the year. Here are a few handy Allentown rose gardening care tips for each season to help you keep your blooms thriving year-round:

Seasonal Care Tasks

  • Spring: Prune your roses to shape their growth, remove dead wood, and encourage proper air circulation, making cuts with sharp, clean pruners. We also recommend applying a balanced fertilizer during spring to encourage new growth. Spring is a critical time for roses as new growth begins and the plants prepare for the blooming season. If you're growing roses that bloom on old wood (like climbers and ramblers), wait to prune until after they've flowered to avoid cutting new buds. 

  • Summer: Water your roses deeply and regularly, mulch to retain moisture, and monitor for pests like aphids and black spot. Summer can be challenging for roses due to its heat and humidity, so consistent care is vital to keep them thriving.

  • Fall: Deadhead spent blooms by trimming the stem to just above the first leaf below the flower. You should also reduce your watering frequency as temperatures drop and prepare your roses for winter by mulching around their base. Fall is a time to help your roses wind down and prepare for dormancy, ensuring they remain healthy through the colder months.

  • Winter: Protect your roses from harsh weather by wrapping them in burlap or using rose cones. Winter protection is essential for roses in colder climates, preventing damage from frost and freezing temperatures.

With this garden rose guide, you're well on your way to mastering the art of rose gardening here in the Lehigh Valley. For more expert advice on growing the best roses in Allentown, stop by and chat with one of our experts today; we'll send you home with all you need for a thriving, gorgeous garden, no matter your style!


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