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8 Garden Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

backyard garden with fire pit

Temperatures are dipping, but that doesn't mean your time in the great outdoors has to end. On the contrary, there are many patio ideas and trends to turn to for inspiration that can help you turn your garden into a multi-season space! Here are some of our favorites:

Garden Trends For 2023

storage bench backyard

1. Add Stylish Storage

You love getting organized at home with antique credenzas and bookshelves overflowing with plants. Why not bring that same organizational flair to your patio in 2023? A great idea is to bring in a rustic, ideally waterproof trunk to add additional storage. Use it to store your patio furniture cushions or garden tools, and increase your patio seating by using it as a bench.

2. Add a Natural Stone Pathway

Creating a walkway in your yard using natural stone pieces is an easy, low-maintenance addition to your patio you can tackle in 2023 that will add tons of visual interest. There are many different choices of brushed or textured stones to choose from, like granite, sandstone, porcelain, limestone, and more! Flagstones are also very trendy at the moment, so take some inspiration from them and consider creating your pathway out of asymmetrical pieces.

small water feature in garden

3. Add a Water Feature

There's nothing quite like the sound of running water to create a sense of tranquility in your patio space, which is why it's no wonder water features are one of the essential elements of traditional Japanese gardens. Whether you install a pond to create an elegant focal point or incorporate both movement and sound into your garden with a fountain, it's guaranteed to be a beautiful, peaceful new feature!

4. Set Up a Fire pit

Setting up a fire pit will get you out using your patio more often, taking in the crisp night air and maybe even getting into some star gazing. You can avoid the bells and whistles and set up a simple fire bowl, or you can roll up your sleeves and build a firepit out of stone from scratch. Either way, setting up a firepit in your garden will make it a multi-season space full of ambiance.

rattan patio set

5. Upgrade Your Patio Set Sustainably

Environmental consciousness is incredibly trendy right now, and has inspired the widespread use of sustainable materials in patio decor, like rattan, stone, bamboo, and untreated wood. Upgrading your patio set to one made from sustainable materials isn't just a greener option; it also incorporates beautiful natural tones into your space, like fiery-orange terracotta or light golden bamboo.

6. Grow a Plant Privacy Screen

Another popular trend for 2023 is to swap out decorative screens for plants to create a heightened sense of privacy on your patio. There are endless creative options when it comes to planting your privacy screens, such as vertical planting using trellises, hanging baskets, or shelving units incorporated into your fence. Another option is to create a living wall of hanging vertical planters—an excellent idea for smaller patios or garden spaces!

small greenhouse

7. Build a DIY Greenhouse

Gear up for spring by building your own greenhouse! Greenhouses are super helpful for starting seeds and protecting plants from the elements. For home gardeners with minimal yard space, there are lots of smaller greenhouse options you can either purchase or make yourself! Go vintage and build one out of salvaged windows, or go for a more minimalistic vibe with a simple style made from painted cedar. The options are truly endless!

8. Install a Bird Feeder

Besides incorporating new design elements, consider installing a bird feeder to attract beautiful visitors to your yard. Backyard feeders are a great way to help our feathered friends access resources that are harder to find naturally, especially in the colder months. Your patio set could soon be a front-row seat for bird-watching and birdsong-listening!

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If you're looking for more patio inspiration to update your space in 2023, look no further! Our garden center in Allentown, PA, has a great selection of furniture and decor options that are sure to help your patio start the new year off right. Come visit us at Lehigh Valley Home and Garden and get inspired today!

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