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Planning Your Garden in 2021

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

Planning your garden can feel a bit daunting sometimes. The possibilities are endless, but there’s a lot to take into consideration when thinking of what will thrive best in your own Allentown backyard. We’re here to help you dream, scheme, plot, and pull off your best garden yet!

Plan Ahead

Choose Wisely

Not every plant will thrive in your garden. Check out your plant hardiness zone to make sure you are making selections that can thrive in your location. Always do research on what can thrive in the soil, moisture, and light conditions that you have. Beyond thinking about what will survive, take some time to pick what will bring you joy. One trend for this year is choosing a color palette and really going for it! Whether you decide to go with Pantone’s colors of the year, or choose a hue that represents you, we think you should be bold and select something memorable.

Get Organized

This part will satisfy any Type A personality. Planning ahead ensures you have the time, space, and supplies to have a thriving garden. If you’re starting from seedlings, you will need to check seeding times in order to have healthy crops and flourishing blooms. While you don’t want your plants to miss the peak growing season, you also won’t want everything ready all at once. You’ll have more of a harvest than you can deal with! Check each plant’s grow times and roughly schedule out when everything should be ready. Getting all your ideas down on paper will help you keep track. Many great green thumbs have a calendar or notebook dedicated to tracking all their gardening goals.

Make Space

An important step in planning your garden is to make sure you have space. Reading the fine print before seeding or buying plants will help prevent headaches when plants get crowded. A crowded garden can lead to some plants becoming monstrous while others shrivel and die. If you’re planning on doing any digging, make sure you take proper measurements, check sunlight levels, and visualize how plants will look when grouped together.

Prep Your Garden

Before you start planting, you’ll likely need to do some cleanup work from the winter. Clean up any debris, add compost or mulch to your soil for a boost of nutrients, and take this time to prune back anything that needs it so that it can thrive during the upcoming year.

Build It, and They Will Come

If you’re low on space or you’re looking to expand, container gardening allows for maximum versatility. Container gardening is more popular than ever because you can customize them however you like and grow so many different combinations of plants in them. Planting your herbs in a container and keeping it easily accessible is a great way to add some flavor to your everyday meals. Container gardens can also be a more manageable and accessible alternative to a full-sized garden.

Get Creative

Unless this is your first time gardening, you likely have an idea of what you like to grow and what does well in your garden. It’s always a good idea to stick to what you know in order to have a bountiful harvest, but why not try something new? Choose a few new vegetables or florals to plant. If you’re not looking to spice things up too much this year, try a different variety of one of your usual favorites.

Enjoy 2021

2020 sparked a renewed love for our own backyards. 2021 will be no different! We have adapted to the need for change, and we’re ready for you to shop with us. Check our online shop or contact us and let us help you have your best gardening year yet.


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