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How to Maintain a Gas Grill

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Fire up the barbecue and get grilling! Whether you love a rare steak or veggies on a kebab, you need to take care of your grill this summer. Learning how to maintain your gas grill is key to prolonging its life. The art of how to maintain your gas grill isn’t hard at all, and it’s a great way to keep the meat sizzlin’—and the neighbors envying your BBQ skills.

Gas Grills 101

With proper maintenance, care, and cleaning, a gas grill can be your best companion over many seasons. But without that tender loving care, the grill’s life can be cut short and create a dangerous mess in the process. If burners become clogged with debris, you’re creating a fire hazard and running the risk of permanent rust. Using the incorrect tools can cause damage and possibly risk your property. Here are a few parts of your gas grill that you will need to know how to maintain:

  • Grates (also sometimes called “the grill”)

  • Burner Protectors

  • Burners

  • Bottom Plates

  • Bottom Tray

  • Exterior

Grilled to Perfection

Knowing how to use your gas grill will help you maintain its functionality and appearance. You take good care of your patio furniture and garden—your barbecue deserves the same attention! When it comes to cooking, always coat the grate with oil that has a high smoke point. This will prevent your food from sticking to the grill and creating more gunk to clean.

Clean your grill when it is still warm. Be aware that wire brush cleaners can be dangerous! If you’re worried about wires coming loose and causing harm, you can scrub the grate with a ball of durable aluminum foil or steel wool held between your barbecue tongs. Once the grill has cooled, give the entire barbecue a thorough wipe down. Any leftover salt or grease can rust the metal. And when you are packing up after a long day of good food, always protect your grill from the elements with a water-resistant cover.

Gas Grill Annual Check-Up

Just like your car, your gas grill will need an annual check-up to make sure everything is in working order. If you tend to lose track of time, schedule in time to look over and thoroughly clean your grill. One of the best ways to maintain your gas grill is to know the signs that it needs some work or a deeper cleaning.

  • If you’re a year-round griller, clean the barbecue twice a year.

  • Check the propane line for any leaks by spraying it with a 50:50 solution of water and dish soap. If you notice any bubbles forming on the line, you’ve got a leak.

  • Look for any physical damage to the interior or exterior of the gas grill.

  • Inspect your gas grill for any build-up of ash or debris. This can create a fire hazard if not cleaned regularly.

How to Maintain a Gas Grill

One simple tip for how to maintain your gas grill: stay on top of the cleaning! One part of distilled vinegar with one part of the water is a great way to clean the interior of the grill. Fill a spray bottle with the mixture and coat the grill. Close the lid and wait an hour before wiping it down with a wet cloth.

If you’re doing a full clean, you can take out the grill to access the burner protectors and wash them with soapy water. Beneath that, you can wipe the burners themselves. Don’t forget to get down low and pull out the tray that catches the fallen ash.

To remove rust, use a steel-wool pad on the exterior. Be gentle during this process. You may have to touch up these areas with special grill-specific paint.

Once you’ve reassembled your sparkling clean gas grill, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done. We hope this how-to guide will help you maintain your gas grill so you can enjoy many summers of juicy burgers, hot dogs, and more. Enjoy your next summer barbecue, and let us know if you have any questions about how to maintain your gas grill in Allentown.


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