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How to Design Your Patio for Summer Parties

Updated: Apr 4

The best memories are the ones created right in our own backyards, moments of laughter, and connection while enjoying warm summer evenings on the patio. Summer is made for patio parties! Turn yours into the ultimate Allentown summer party destination this year with these design tips.

Summer Party Ingredients: Drinks, Food, and Cozy Patio Furniture

The best patio parties have comfortable seating arranged to encourage conversation. If you have the room for it, a few different seating areas are even better as it gives space for people to mix and mingle between large groups and have more intimate conversations. The Hanamint patio furniture sets that we carry at Lehigh Valley Garden Center are perfect for summer patio parties. Their furniture is made out of durable, hard-wearing material, and it looks beautiful and elegant. The classic styles and designs compliment any garden and home design, and the cushions and fabrics are simple and beautiful, as well as very comfortable.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a party without food and drinks. Whether you’ve got a full outdoor kitchen or just enough space for a small BBQ, there is a Weber grill that’s perfect for your space. We carry a full range of high-quality Weber grills and Weber grill accessories to complete your outdoor cooking space. Take your next summer party up a notch with delicious grilled recipes. Drinks are the next most important factor for patio parties. Set up a bar cart with drink making essentials and add a tub of ice nearby to keep canned and bottled beverages chilling. Somewhere to set drinks down is also crucial, so your friends can really get into telling that hilarious story, acting out the moments. Consider adding a few side tables, or planters with wide edges around your patio space, so people have somewhere to rest their drinks. There’s no better midnight snack than s’mores around the fire after an evening of laughter and stories. If you’ve got the room for it, add a fire pit or fire table to your outdoor patio space so you can roast perfectly browned marshmallows for s’mores. Add some comfortable but heat resistant chairs around the fire area so people can be cozy and warm near the flames.

Summer Party Patio Decor Ideas

There are a few simple things you can add to give your patio decor a little extra party vibe when you have friends coming to visit. Patio lighting makes it welcoming and cozy, making your friends want to stick around even after dark. Whether you go with solar or wired lights, adding accent lighting can really change the mood and create a patio space feel like a welcoming oasis. Choosing some durable outdoor dishes, serving trays, and drinkware means you can set the table with style every time, and keep your breakable dishes safe in the house. Classic white dishes are elegant and simple. Or, choose a color that complements fabric on cushions and pillows. Add in a few gorgeous patterned pieces for accents to help finish off the look. A patio rug really ties the entire space together, making it feel like another room of your home. A rug is also more comfortable and warmer for bare feet when the evening chill hits. Choose something that is weather-resistant, and that pulls together the different elements of your design style.

Stop by our showroom to see all the different patio design options and ideas available. Soon you’ll be throwing the best summer patio parties and making priceless memories with your friends and family.


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