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How To Create Gourd-geous Autumn Decor

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

collection of autumn plants and fall decorations

Make your house look cozy and autumnal with these eye-catching fall decor displays. There are countless ways to use gourds, corn, or hay bales to liven up your front porch planters, and we have the inspiration to get you started!

pumpkins and chrysanthemum display

Get Creative with Your Planter Materials

You can create a vintage look in your garden by using planters of different sizes and materials. See what old gems you can find in your garden shed to use for your containers, and mix them with some modern-looking planters from Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center. For instance, with old tin crates and other durable materials, you can create an old farmhouse vibe right on your front lawn. Fill watering cans with corn stalks, and surround them with pumpkins—reusing and recycling your garden materials goes a long way with fall decor!

Clean Out Old Summer Annuals and Plant Fall-Friendly Flowers

The autumn season is here, and it's time to clean out those old summer annuals from your plant containers to make room for your autumnal decor! Get those packed-in roots out, using a sharp knife if necessary. Add fresh soil when you plant your fall blooms, and add some compost or fertilizer for good measure.

heather, pansies, ornamental kale and chrysanthemum flowers

Mums, pansies, asters, and zinnias will be your best friends when filling your autumn planters. These fall-friendly filler plants work together to create abundant, beautiful planters when packed tightly alongside one another. The harvest season is about prosperity, so embrace it with lots of beautiful blooms!

Mix in Ornamental Grasses

Create a voluminous autumn planter filled with color and character by adding feather reed grass, switchgrass, fountain grass, and more. If you're into that extra rustic aesthetic, you can even cut some thin tree branches and incorporate them into your planters! Place hay bales alongside ornamental grass to add a cute straw touch to your autumn garden.

windowbox fall planter with gourds

Get Gourd-geous with It

There's no better way to create autumn interest than using traditional fall crops like gourds, squash, and corn stalks in your planters. These can be grown straight from your home garden, and if you're lucky, you'll even have some extra crop to hang onto afterward for some delicious autumn seasonal recipes! A popular trend is to even paint your gourds with sparkles, white or black paint, or chalkboard paint to add a homemade touch to your autumn display. If you want to get adventurous, look for unique varieties of pumpkins, like mini or Cinderella pumpkins!

Fall Planter Ideas

Need some ideas for what you can include in a planter for the best combination that will impress your trick-or-treaters? Here are our favorites for the season!

Wheelbarrow Planter

This creative wheelbarrow planter idea is easy, especially if you already have an old wheelbarrow lying around. Gather some fall seasonal flowers in pots and place them individually right inside your wheelbarrow to create a gorgeous fall decor display. Plop in some pumpkins and hay to hide the containers, and voila! You have a state-of-the-art wheelbarrow planter.

pumpkin planter for fall

Eco-Friendly Pumpkin Planters

Are you running short on planters for your fall display? Get your hands dirty and cut into a pumpkin to create a gorgeous container! This DIY planter is not only fun to create but also environmentally friendly. Just be sure to create a hole large enough to fit some autumn mums or violas inside.

Make Your Own Burlap Planters

Are you an autumn gardening fanatic? You're likely already familiar with burlap, but have you ever thought of using it to create a fall planter? Decoupage made from burlap is a cheap way to create a planter that suits the season perfectly without costing you the investment on a new planter.

If you're short on time, Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center has pre-made fall planters to save you the trouble of compiling all these materials. Come pick up your autumn planter today, filled with bold autumn colors and beautiful texture combinations! For more autumn decor ideas for Pennsylvania, or if design and crafts are your seasonal hobby, we're always here to help you find the perfect plants and supplies.

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