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The Best Shrubs for Fall Color

Updated: Apr 3, 2023

sumac foliage in the autumn

There is no shortage of beauty in the choices when decorating your fall garden. Choosing which shrubs to plant can be challenging because there are so many gorgeous colors to choose from! To make things easier for you, we've compiled a list of the best autumn shrubs for Allentown.

Sumac bushes

Fall color in the landscape isn't something you normally associate with sumac bushes. These shrubs are actually sometimes misinterpreted as poison sumac by some, who regard them as weeds. But that isn't the case, which is why you shouldn't miss out on planting these gorgeous shrubs in your garden! Sumac shrubs display a gorgeous warm yellow coloring that is very easy on the eyes, and even dazzles in colors of red, burgundy, and orange as well.

Dwarf Fothergilla shrub

Dwarf Fothergilla

With a name as distinct as its appearance, this autumnal-colored shrub does not disappoint in the landscape. A dwarf fothergilla shrub is compact in size, and has dark green leaves in summer that change to brilliant shades of red, yellow, and orange in the fall.

lemony lace elderberry

Sambucus Racemosa Lemony Lace

With a mouthful of a name like that, it better be interesting! In addition to its highly-dissected leaves, Sambucus racemosa ‘Lemony Lace’ (Elderberry) has luminous lacy foliage that gives it an air of elegance. With gorgeous yellow fall color, this shrub is the best for tying it all together in your autumn garden.


Leaves so red they practically beg you to look, this richly-colored shrub is an autumn staple in the gardening world. Korean spice viburnums have the best aroma, and orange-red leaves, making them one of the most popular viburnum varieties.

beautyberry shrub


Because sometimes, the classic fall tones of orange, red, and yellow get a little exhausting. Beautyberry is a shrub that is decked out in gorgeous purple berries come autumn. Although it isn't much of a landscape plant throughout the rest of the year, its eye-catching fall berries are enough to entice gardeners to go crazy over it.

Sevenbark hydrangea

The sevenbark hydrangea shrub offers decadent, snowball-like blossoms in a delicate color of creamy white. Also known as a "smooth hydrangea," these flowering shrubs are best for filling up empty spaces in your fall garden. Because of their hardiness down to zone 3a, their beauty can be appreciated during the entire fall season.

gold mound spirea

Gold Mound Spirea

Similar in appearance to smooth hydrangea foliage, the gold mound spirea is a shrub not to be overlooked. You're in for a real bargain with this one, as it features three seasons of beautiful, unique foliage! As well as the golden autumn hue that gives this shrub its name, its leaves also sport splashes of light red in the fall. Autumn varieties are available in shades of yellow to reddish-purple. The following plants grow well with spirea: weigela, viburnum, loropetalum, low-growing junipers, and ornamental grasses.

Cornus Arctic Sun

Ignite amazing color in both your fall and winter landscapes with this awe-inspiring shrub. All you have to do is wait until it gets a little chillier to see its unique yellow, orange, and coral stems pop in the winter landscape—and you won't be disappointed. In the fall, you'll enjoy a gorgeous golden hue that speaks to the beauty that is yet to come.

Having trouble deciding which shrub is best for Pennsylvania in the fall? Visit us at Lehigh Valley Home & Garden in Allentown, and let us point you in the right direction! We are your full-service garden center for all your shrub care needs.


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