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Types of Trees for Your Pennsylvania Landscape

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

There are a wide variety of trees to choose from, but the process can be a little daunting! The first step is learning about the types of trees available; then, selecting the variety you'd like becomes a little easier. We'll cover the four types of trees, then provide a list of fabulous options for your landscape.

What Are the Main Types of Trees for Your Landscape?

There are a few distinct categories of trees in landscaping, including ornamental, columnar, evergreen, and shade trees. All are important in tying your landscape design together as they serve different elements of beauty and function to your backyard space!

Ornamental trees are mainly planted for aesthetic appeal and sightline privacy. They are great options for adding color and interest and making your yard special. Ornamental trees are often good options for planting beside sidewalks because their roots won't grow as deep and strong as larger trees.

Evergreen trees act as strong windbreaks and provide year-round interest. Regardless of the season, these trees and shrubs keep the same distinctive color instead of dropping their foliage in the freezing temperatures.

Columnar trees offer a gorgeous geometric appeal to your landscape, great for fitting into tight spaces, marking walkways, and providing a barricade of privacy in your garden. They look beautiful next to a doorway or garden gate, where you can admire their foliage without the tree growing into your walking space.

Finally, tall trees function as the much-needed shade-providers of your backyard and provide homes for important wildlife habitats! Shade trees can keep your home cooler, protect your garden from scorching in the sun, and contribute to a healthy backyard ecosystem.

Our Favorite Deciduous Trees

Look no further for fabulous seasonal colors! Here are some of our favorite varieties of deciduous trees that are great options for your landscape.

Maple Tree

The "red maple" tree, also known as soft maple or swamp maple, is one of the most common tree species in Pennsylvania landscapes due to its simple beauty and ability to grow in a wide array of different environments.

Pin Oak

The Pin Oak matures much faster than most trees of its kind, with a height increase of over 24 inches a year! Pin Oak trees change colors beautifully in the fall, turning gorgeous shades of russet, clementine, and red to add extra zest to your back landscape!

Saucer Magnolia

A beautiful pop of color to glow up your front lawn landscape, Saucer Magnolia trees are a Pennsylvania favorite and one of the best ornamental trees to liven up your home. They have a spectacular display of colors before the rest of the yard begins to bloom in the later months of spring, making them an early spring treat.

Blackgum 'Wildfire'

For a gorgeous shaded area of your front yard landscape that welcomes in the wildlife, consider the Blackgum 'Wildfire' tree. Adorned in brilliant autumn foliage that expresses bright orange and red tones, you will have every one of your guests complimenting you on this tree when they visit your home.

Birch Trees

The classic deciduous white birch tree is known for its characteristic white 'paper' looking bark that we all used to love to peel off the trees when we were young. Birch trees also come in columnar varieties, such as Parkland Pillar, if you're looking for a slender addition to a small yard that still makes a beautiful statement. We recommend placing this birch in the corners of your yard, framing features, or by your front porch.

Sun Valley Maple

One of the best and most common red maple trees to incorporate some color into your front lawn landscape during the fall is the Sun Valley red maple. This tree provides reliable shade and a medium-size stature, and it won't leave maple seeds in your yard.

There is an abundance of great tree options near you to spruce up your front lawn and backyard landscapes! Living in this state means that there are a variety of beautiful trees and greenery that you can bring right into your landscape. Visit us at Lehigh Valley Home and Garden Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania, today!


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