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Hot New Annuals for 2023

calibrachoa flowers pink white and purple

With the 2023 summer season getting closer, it's time to think about filling up those containers, window boxes, and flower beds with some of this year's hottest annuals! No matter your color scheme or garden design, we've got hundreds of annuals to fit anywhere. Here's a sneak peek at some of the best and brightest picks we at Lehigh Valley Home & Garden have to offer this season.


We love cosmos, and they're one of the best summer annuals for your Pennsylvania garden! This easy-to-grow annual flower grows tall and comes in a range of amazing color varieties, like pinks, reds, whites, oranges, and yellows, making them the perfect garden statement pieces and great to have on hand for superior cut flower arrangements. Even better, this gorgeous annual easily self-seeds, meaning you'll be in store for another vibrant garden display next year!


Another excellent annual for a cut flower garden, dahlias have long been celebrated worldwide for their stunning beauty. These late-season bloomers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors, but all dahlias have one thing in common: they always impress! Although they're classified as annuals, many dahlias can be successfully overwintered as long as the tubers are kept dry and out of the harsh Pennsylvania cold.

dahlia and salvia flowers


We're big fans of salvia over here at Lehigh Valley, and we stock some stunning varieties you need to check out! The Victoria Black and Blue, Forest Fire, Snow Nymph, and Coral Nymph are just a few of our personal favorites, and are perfect for adding to garden beds and cut flower displays.


If your garden's going blue in 2023, you'll definitely want to add this annual beauty into the mix! This tender annual displays a striking blue flower and will easily grow in garden beds, containers, or color bowls all summer long.


If you love hummingbirds, then you'll love having this beautiful annual in your garden this year! Fuchsia's vivid pinks and purples make it a showstopper wherever you put it, and its trailing nature makes it perfect for hanging baskets and taller containers.

fuchsia and alyssum flowers


Sometimes a little flower goes a long way in a garden already filled with glorious bright blooms. Alyssum makes a great groundcover or border annual for alpine gardens with its small white, yellow, and purple flower bunches and a sweet, delicate aroma. You'll want to find some room for this annual in 2023, as it'll quickly become your new garden favorite!


These bold-colored annuals are easy to grow and bloom freely all summer long. Zinnias are heat-loving plants, so give them plenty of sunshine, and you'll be able to enjoy their hot, tropical colors from spring until well into fall. Like dahlias, these annuals also make great cut flowers and are well-loved food sources for pollinators like butterflies.

zinnia and gerbera daisy flowers

Gerbera Daisy

This South African beauty is favored worldwide as a bouquet flower and a standout garden staple. Gerbera daisies are also popular choices for annual patio displays due to their vibrant hues and flawless appearance.


If you're looking to add some lush foliage to your Pennsylvania garden this year, try these gorgeous greens for fill, spill, and everything in between!

Dracaena Spike

This feisty annual is sure to add some serious thrill to your garden this year. The Dracaena Spike is a consistent Pennsylvania bestseller, thanks mainly to its prized sword-shaped foliage, and is the perfect way to add texture to your containers and garden design projects!

dracaena spikes and elephant ears for garden foliage

Elephant Ears

If you're looking to add a tropical touch to your garden this year, give this lush green annual a go! Perfect for pond edging, larger background plants, and even ground cover, Elephant Ears make a bold statement that fits perfectly in any summer garden.

Asparagus Fern

Another eye-catching South African native, this member of the lily family adds an elegant, tropical touch to any garden design or container planting. Asparagus Ferns are quick-growing annuals that will add a delightful dense, yet fluffy texture to your containers, hanging baskets, or garden beds all spring and summer long. You can also overwinter this annual indoors with the right heat and humidity conditions.

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If you're ready to tackle your spring planting in Allentown and need to stock up on the hottest annuals for 2023, we've got you covered. Come check out our selection at Lehigh Valley Home & Garden today—you might just discover some new summer favorites!


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