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Holiday Greenery for Every Room

Updated: Apr 8

Decorating for the holidays is our favorite way to get in the spirit, and no festive decor scheme is complete without fresh greenery! From fresh-cut Christmas trees, to elegant white pine garlands, to polished poinsettias—decorating with real plants brings life into your home while the weather outside is frightful. Use this guide to inspire your holiday decorating, and find it all at our garden center in Allentown.


Fresh cut Christmas trees are the cornerstone of holiday decor. We love fresh trees for their gorgeous scent and one-of-a-kind appeal. Plus, they’re an eco-friendly choice that can be recycled into firewood or garden mulch after the holidays! If you purchase your tree at Lehigh Valley Home and Garden Center, we offer two Santa-approved species.

Frasier Fir: Frasier fir is a wildly popular tree for holiday decorating. It has sturdy, strong boughs that hold even your heaviest ornaments. Furthermore, it has a reputation for remaining fresh and green long after they’ve been cut. With proper care, your fresh-cut Frasier fir should last through the holidays.

Douglas Fir: As another strong and long-lived tree, Douglas fir shares a lot of the advantages that Frasier fir offers. However, the dense, softer needles of the Douglas fir tend to give them a more “plush” appearance. The needles also have a powerful fragrance, so those who love a strong scent swear by these trees!


Why stop at the Christmas tree? Decorations fashioned from real, fresh evergreen are the perfect way to tie your tree into the rest of your home decor scheme. Here are a few ideas you can find at our garden center in Allentown:

Frasier Fir Wreaths: The boughs of the Frasier fir are fantastic for wreath making. We carry beautifully decorated wreaths with that real evergreen scent, ready to place above your mantle or outside your door. If you prefer to create your own unique design, we also carry undecorated wreaths that make a fabulous base to build upon.

Kissing Balls: Why shop for mistletoe when our evergreen kissing balls are so much more fun? These adorable evergreen orbs add a burst of festive color and fragrance to any space. Suspend them over a doorway or hang them from the ceiling to take your decor to new heights. Kissing balls come pre-decorated with fun bows and ornaments—it’s all included, except the kissing!

White Pine Roping: White pine’s long, sweeping needles and flexible branches make them exceptional for crafting garlands. Wrap white pine roping around banisters or use it to decorate your window sills.

Evergreen Door Swag: These simple-yet-elegant door decorations are an excellent alternative to traditional wreaths. Door swag features a cascading bundle of evergreens crowned with holiday ornaments like bows, jingle bells, or pinecones.


There’s no better hostess gift than a classic poinsettia! We grow our own poinsettias in our Allentown greenhouse, where we take care to ensure you get a healthy plant with vibrant blooms. Not only do we carry many sizes of this Christmas favorite, but we also carry a variety of colors for those who like to put a little twist on tradition. When buying a poinsettia, we recommend looking for a plant with green buds in the center of the flower bracts. This means your plant still has lots of blooming time left!

Through December, your home is a blank canvas waiting for you to work your festive magic. There’s no better way to complete the Christmas experience than with real, fresh evergreens. Don’t wait any longer to embrace the holiday spirit—pick up your fresh Christmas evergreens at Lehigh Valley Home and Garden Center this week!


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