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The Perfect Flowering Plants for the Holidays

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

The holidays are around the corner and there is no better way to decorate than to grow festive flowering plants indoors!

When choosing the right indoor winter flowering plants for your home, it is important to consider how much care you want to give your plant and what growing conditions you can offer! Check out these recommendations for beautiful flowering plants that are sure to keep your home bright and happy all winter long.


Poinsettias are iconic indoor flowering plants for the holidays, showcasing bright red petals and deep green leaves. With a little care, these flowers can bloom long past Christmas! With about 6 hours of bright, indirect light per day and consistent moisture, you’ll have a happy plant! To prevent root rot, take the plant out of the foil wrapping it comes in and let the plant drain before starting a normal watering schedule.

Christmas Cactus

Not only is the Christmas cactus great for decoration, but this flowering plant also propagates easily, making it a great gift idea! This plant will adapt to most home conditions with moderate light and care. Proper watering is crucial to the success of this flowering plant, but make sure it drains between to prevent root rot. After it blooms in the fall, cut back watering and light to allow for a dormancy period before it blooms again.


Orchids make for a stunning winter centerpiece, and offer something different with their tropical style and delicate stature! Orchids are an easy plant to take care of, only needing water every couple of weeks. These flowering plants also come in so many varieties that you’ll have no problem finding the perfect variety to match your Christmas decorations.


At first glance, a tropical succulent might not seem like the most natural choice for a Christmas flowering plant! However, this cute little plant’s broad green leaves and bell-shaped red blooms are perfect for something a little different in your holiday plant collection. They are easy to care for, only needing water every couple of weeks.

African Violet

African violets are charming indoor flowering plants for the winter. They come in beautiful colors of purple, periwinkle, and pink. Although they can be a little picky about sunlight, when you get it right they settle right in.

They do best with indirect light for about 12 hours a day but need a full night of darkness so that they can bloom. Water from the bottom and rotate every couple of days for even growing!


Cyclamens have darling blooms and thrive in cool, humid environments. Watering this flowering plant is the trickiest part of its care, as they are sensitive to both over and under-watering. Only water once the soil is dry, but do not leave it dry for too long! Note that cyclamens will go into a dormant state after they bloom and look like they’re dying, but fear not, it’s just taking a two-month rest before it reblooms.


Amaryllis are stunning indoor flowering plants. They are bulbs, which means they’ll need to be forced to bloom in the winter, but with a little rest after the summertime and the right growing conditions, you’ll have gorgeous flowers in no time. These flowers prefer cool temperatures, which will prolong the blooms, and bright, indirect light.

Christmas Rose

These charming flowering plants are typically landscape perennials, but they are also perfect for the holiday season. They naturally bloom during the winter and have white, side-facing blooms. The Christmas rose is fairly easy to take care of once established. They thrive in cool environments, such as a drafty entryway or in a sheltered porch. Be sure to avoid overwatering and keep away from children and pets as it is a poisonous plant and a skin irritant.

If you’re interested in adding some indoor flowering plants to your winter decorations, visit us and check out our winter blooms for sale!


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