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Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

There’s nothing better than walking into your home and breathing in the smell of fresh pine. It’s one of the many reasons why having a live Christmas tree is perfect for the holiday season.

Choosing a Christmas tree that is right for you doesn’t have to be complicated, but it’s important to plan ahead and come prepared to meet your perfect piney match. Here are some things to consider to help you choose the perfect Christmas tree:

Space Needs and Transportation

Before you head to a garden center to get your tree, spend time measuring the height and width of your door frames and the area where you’d like to put the tree, including the plant stand you plan to place the tree in. Remember that trees will unfurl and take up more space than you may anticipate. One more place you may not think to measure: your car! If you’re hauling the tree home yourself, make sure you have ample room to secure it in or on your vehicle. When you do go tree shopping, make sure to bring a measuring tape and a copy of the measurements you took at home.

While you’re at it, make sure you grab some heavy-duty gloves for handling the tree. Include an old blanket to protect your car from any damage and to easily gather up those pesky stray needles.


When you’re investing in a live Christmas tree, you’ll want to make sure it’s as fresh as possible. To check for freshness, you can pull a branch toward you and let go: if you’re showered in dry needles, that particular tree has probably seen better days. You can also try snapping an individual needle. A fresh pine will have needles that snap, whereas an older tree’s needles will just bend.


There are a few hazards to consider when choosing a Christmas tree. If you have pets, consider their behavior, so your tree doesn’t come toppling over at 3 a.m. Always be proactive when it comes to fire safety. While candles add to the cozy atmosphere, you should opt for flameless candles near your tree and save the flames for another room in your home. Like any other living plant, be aware of any potential insects and pests that could travel into your home from the Christmas tree.

Decorating Your Tree

The tree is the focal point amidst your other holiday decorating. When choosing your perfect Christmas tree, decide how you’ll want to decorate it. Start dreaming about textures, colors, baubles, and sparkles. If your tree has large spaces between branches, your ornaments will hang straight down. A full tree will look lush, but remember, your ornaments will likely hang on an angle.

Here at Lehigh Valley, we offer Douglas Fir and Frasier Firs for fresh-cut Christmas trees in Allentown during the holiday season. Here are some things to consider when selecting between the two trees:


Douglas-Firs are actually not firs, but a pine tree. They are large, bushy, and pyramid-shaped with flat needles that wrap around the whole branch. The needles are a bright yellow/green hue. A Douglas-Fir is ideal if you have plenty of open space in your home. You may want to consider lighter-weight ornaments if you purchase a Douglas Fir, as the branches have a bit more spring to them than others and aren’t stiff enough to bear the weight of heavy decorations.

Frasier Fir:

Known as ‘the Cadillac of Christmas trees,’ Frasier Firs stay fresh and fragrant for a long time with proper care. These trees have shorter, softer, blue-green needles with a silvery underside. Their stiff branches can handle the heavier ornaments in your collection.

Caring for Your Fresh-Cut Tree

Fresh-Cut Christmas trees do require some special care. If not already done, make a fresh cut when you get home and get it into the water as soon as possible. Make sure you protect your flooring from water damage by putting plastic down in case of any spillage. Fresh-cut trees can drink up to a gallon every 24 hours! Keep it well-hydrated, and you can be treated to a healthy, fragrant tree for weeks.

If you have any questions about finding the perfect Christmas tree for your home, visit us and chat with our friendly, helpful staff.


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