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August Gardening Tips | Lehigh Valley Home & Garden

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Even though it’s August, the gardening season isn’t over yet. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy, improve, and plan ahead. Take some time to check a few things off your list so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the rest of summer. Use this gardening checklist to help you make the most of August and keep your garden looking its best. Print this handy list and check off your tasks as you complete them.

  • Clean up the garden. In August, take the opportunity of cooler mornings and evenings to edge perennial beds and pull weeds.

  • Remove dead branches. Summer storms may have broken off some branches into your yard. Dispose of them, use them as firewood, or find some handy DIY crafts to use the branches in. Also be on the lookout for diseased branches that may need removal.

  • Clean our pots. If you’ve emptied out any pots or planters during the growing season, it’s a good time to give them a good clean. If you’re not planning on planting in them again this August, you can store them for next season.

  • Do some light pruning. Take the pruning shears to the plants in your yard that need a slight shaping. Any heavy pruning needs to wait until dormancy occurs after frost. In general, August pruning should consist of removing dead or diseased materials, or spent greenery on perennials. Pruning both improves the aesthetic of your plants, and can maintain the vigor and health of the plant.

  • Check your equipment. As we move into fall, check your equipment now to make sure you have everything you need for autumn, winter and even next spring, and be sure it’s in working order. Get your rake ready, tune up your lawnmower, clean and sanitize garden tools, and sharpen pruning shears. A complete set of gardening tips for August wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the garage and shed. Do a little late-summer cleaning to make sure there’s space. When the days start getting colder, you’ll be grateful you made space to store all your gardening tools and lawn care accessories.

  • Enjoy the harvest. August gardening tips include sitting back and enjoying the sweet and savory harvest you worked so hard for. This is the time of year tomatoes, squash, cucumber, and zucchini are likely ready to be served at your next family dinner. August is also a great time to cut some of your gorgeous flowers and use them in a fresh-cut arrangement before they wilt and die off.

  • Deadhead flowers. There are many varieties of flowers that will bloom multiple times, even late in the season. Deadhead zinnias, petunias, hollyhocks, marigolds, and delphiniums. Give your flowers a new lease on life: it will help summer last even longer.

  • Mulch. Knowing how and when to mulch is another excellent gardening tip. When you mulch in the fall, you are creating a protective layer on your soil. Preparing your soil in fall helps you skip a few steps come spring. Not to mention, it can be a bit nicer to do, temperature-wise.

  • Plan and make space for fall planting. Take time this August to plan for your fall gardening tasks. Make a list of things you need to accomplish before the first frost, including raking, mulching, and planting. Sketch out your available planting area and what you would like things to look like for next season. This can act as a blueprint for your fall and spring planting.

  • Get ready for spring. Beyond gardening clean-up and maintenance tips, August is a time to dream about spring. Go beyond dreaming and start taking action by planting spring-flowering bulbs. While winter may be white and gloomy, you can remember the bright tulip, hyacinth, and daffodil bulbs you planted.

Use this checklist for August gardening tips in Allentown to improve your existing growing season and get ready for the future. Make sure you enjoy the rest of your summer and visit us to get the answers to all your home and garden questions.


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