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6 Flowering Shrubs to Plant in Early Spring

Updated: May 20, 2022

Spring has sprung, and it's time to enjoy some warm-weather flowering shrubs. Plant flowering shrubs now to enjoy their blooms for the rest of spring, summer, and in some cases, fall. Here are our top 6 picks for flowering shrubs you can plant in early spring.

Before planting any flowering shrubs this spring, start by taking an inventory of your available outdoor space and make a garden plan. Assess your space, sunlight, soil, and your personal preferences for style and color scheme.


The classic lilac bush is a great shrub to plant in early spring. Their spring and summer blooms will fill your yard with a beautiful fragrance. There are many colorful varieties, including soft purple, white, pink, and blue.

You can plant lilacs in nutrient-rich, well-draining soil in fall or spring. Don't plant your lilac bush anywhere where it will collect water at its base: lilacs don't like being soggy! Prune Lilac immediately after they bloom to keep future growth full and consistent.


Azaleas are a great shrub if you're looking for various gorgeous blooms that look amazing in garden beds and bouquets alike. Azaleas come in almost every shade imaginable, so it's an ideal choice if you're looking for a specific hue to complement your other flowers and shrubs. Give them partial sun, lots of water, and well-draining soil with plenty of nutrients to get the best bloom for your buck. Avoid planting them in too bright of a spot, as they are susceptible to burns that would ruin their beautiful flowers.


Viburnum is a show-stopping spring-flowering shrub with pink and white blooms and a memorable spicy-sweet scent. There are many varieties to choose from, so select something based on what you can provide the plant in your outdoor space. Viburnum blooms feature delicate and sweet clusters of star-shaped flowers. Give them full sun and well-draining soil and plenty of space to grow. They usually grow 1-2 feet per year, up to 15 feet, depending on which variety you choose.

Mountain Laurel

If you opt to plant Mountain Laurel in your garden this year, you'll be treated to gorgeous clusters of white, red, or pink flowers in late spring and early summer. The blooms are unique in their shape and beauty: get ready for showy star-shaped flowers that will impress the whole neighborhood. However, be aware of Mountain Laurel's toxicity and ensure that children and household pets don't consume the plant. This flowering shrub can tolerate shady or sunny spots; just make sure to keep them well-watered and moist with well-draining soil. They can grow up to 10 feet wide, so plant them in a place where you could use some full-coverage shrubbery!


These glorious evergreen shrubs blossom with some of the most beautiful blooms around. The Camellia can put out stunning roselike flowers in spring, fall, or sometimes late winter, depending on the variety. The most common species will feature flowers in hues of red, white, or pink. They can grow quite large, up to 20 feet tall and wide, so you may want to prune them into your preferred shape to keep them manageable. Plant Camellia shrubs in relatively similar conditions as an Azalea. They thrive in partial shade but protect new blooms from harsh winds.


Forsythia is the boldest shrub on the block! This flowering shrub seems to glow bright yellow and gold when it is in full spring bloom. During the fall, it will shift into a deep, gorgeous purple color. Its branches form long tentacles that reach skyward. It's a tough beauty that can withstand drought conditions, so it will likely survive whatever you put it through. This gorgeous shrub can reach up to 15 feet in height, so make some space!

If you're looking for more ideas for planting flowering shrubs this spring in Allentown, contact us! We'd love to help guide you through your gardening journey this year.


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