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3 Holiday Centerpiece Ideas

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Every holiday, we gather ‘round our table to eat delicious meals and make memories. A gorgeous centerpiece is the crown jewel at any feast or function. Creating yours from scratch this Christmas is a fun and satisfying way to put your own stylish spin on things. You may not have a lot of time to haul out all your craft supplies, so here are some quick and easy ways to make your own memorable holiday centerpiece.

How to Make a Christmas Centerpiece

When deciding on your decor, be sure you plan ahead. Figure out where the piece will be featured and how much space you’ll need to showcase your creation. If it’s a high-traffic and high-use space like the dining table or coffee table, leave room for drinks and scrumptious dishes.

You can incorporate nearly any type of your favorite decor into a show-stopping centerpiece: wreaths, garlands, runners, candles, and bold colors. Anything is possible. Get brainstorming! These homemade ideas are fun to make and can be pulled together in a pinch.

Multitudes of Mason Jars

Mason jars are the epitome of overlooked household items. They are so versatile for our day-to-day needs, but they also add a perfectly rustic and beautiful touch to your decor. For this DIY, there are some basic supplies you’ll need, but the customization is up to you.


  • Mason or other glass jars

  • Water

  • Epsom Salt (for fake crystal snow)

  • Cranberries or other winter berries

  • Votive candle

  • Optional additional supplies: pinecones, evergreen sprigs, spray paint.

Start by filling the bottom of the jar with a few inches of white aquarium rock for a fresh snow look. Add cranberries or other winter berries, then add water. Light a votive candle and float it on top. Putting these together is so simple and adds some elegance to any room.

You could also stuff the tops of the jars with evergreen and skip the water, or arrange a bundle of greenery and pinecones to the base of the mason jar.

Add a coat of spray paint to the jar, or any element of this piece of decor, to get the perfect color for your aesthetic.

Rustic Outdoorsy Centerpiece

If you want to get a bit more hands-on, this rustic piece is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Grab your drill and get creative. Get a large branch that fits the length of your table or mantle. Birch is a seasonal favorite, but any thicker branch will do.

Using a 1.5″ drill bit, drill holes into the log every few inches (leave a few inches of space in between each hole.)

In each hole, add small battery-operated candles or tea lights.

After you’ve done that, get into the holiday spirit, and start adding layers of fresh greenery, berries, and your favorite ornaments.

If that’s a bit too Paul Bunyan for you, incorporate the great outdoors in a more subtle way through round log cuttings. Use them as chargers under your dinner plates or as a base for other decorations. Wrap a hurricane candle holder with some plaid fabric or ribbon. Add some twine and a sprig of evergreen for a festive finishing touch.

Adorable Mini-Tree Basket

Honestly, you can never have too many trees in your house. When downsized, this classic piece of decor becomes a great holiday centerpiece.

For this DIY, you’ll need:

  • A mini Christmas tree (having two on-hand can help you create a very full piece, but it’s optional)

  • Spray-on snow or any decorative spray paint of your choice

  • Floral Foam

  • Pinecones, berries, bows, and any other decorative elements you want to add

  • Hot glue gun + glue sticks

  • A basket, planter, or any container of your choice

  1. Take apart the branches of the mini-tree and spray them with the fake snow or paint color of your choice. You can use the floral foam during this step to hold the branches up as you paint them.

  2. Let dry.

  3. Create small bundles using the berries, pinecones, and whatever embellishments you have selected. Glue them together.

  4. Arrange the bundles where you’d like them to go on the mini-tree, ensuring they are spaced out nicely. Then glue.

  5. Place your tree in the basket. You can line the basket with burlap or tie it with a ribbon.

  6. If you want something a little more low-key, get sprigs or branches of fresh or artificial evergreen and follow the same steps for a “deconstructed" look.

There are so many ways to get creative with your decor this Christmas. Create fun and fabulous centerpieces using what you have at home or what you find outside. If you need help planning your DIY holiday centerpieces in Allentown, come visit us. Our staff would love to assist you!

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