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Pond Supply Store Near the Lehigh Valley, PA

Do you have a pond in your yard that needs maintenance and supplies? Or are you considering adding a pond to your property, and you're unsure of what supplies you will need? Look to Lehigh Valley Home & Garden for all of your landscaping needs. Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center strives to be a one-stop shop for quality pond supplies. Our list of respected brands includes PondMaster, API PondCare, Laguna, and Firestone PondGard. Our pond care specialist will work with you to create a pond that fits your needs, solve any problems that may arise in your pond, and assist you in maintaining your pond throughout the years. Below are some of the supplies that we offer.

Pond supplies we carry: 

  • Pond Guard Rubber Liners

  • Plants

  • Pumps, Filters, Hosing

  • Fish Food

  • Pond Treatment 

Benefits of having a pond on your property

Pleasing aesthetic

If you are searching for ways to create a peaceful outdoor oasis, a pond can bring your ideas to life. A well-maintained pond is beautiful, calming, and can be seamlessly put within the rest of your landscape. You can add fish, stones, and any other decorative aspect you would like to create a tranquil area for your family

to enjoy.

Natural Pond

Attract wildlife

Do you want to attract birds and other wildlife onto your property? 
A pond offers a space for butterflies, frogs, birds, and dragonflies to visit. In particular, birds will be inclined to spend time at and around your pond, and you can add birdfeeders and other decorative pieces to encourage them to visit. 

Reduce noise pollution

Do you live near a busy area with much traffic, construction, or other noise polluters? By incorporating a pond and waterfall into your property, you can minimize some of that noise and provide a peaceful atmosphere. 

Lehigh Valley Home & Garden is committed to serving the needs of our community with high-quality supplies and expert knowledge. We understand the importance of a healthy and thriving landscape and can provide guidance on any of your upcoming projects. When you need pond supplies, look to Lehigh Valley Home & Garden for everything that you need. Our staff is happy to help you and make sure you have all of the items necessary to bring your vision to life. Visit our nursery in Allentown, PA, to learn more about what we have to offer! 

Image by Maggie Yap
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