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Flowers on Wood


Geraniums are one of our favorite flowers to grow at Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center. Our greenhouse grows over 40 varieties of this popular flower. Geraniums are a great garden performer that blooms from spring to frost with large colorful flowers on compact, soft green foliage. Geraniums are the perfect addition to any garden, container, or window box. Add a Dracaena Spike, Vinca Vine, and White Bacopa and you will have a stunning combination planter to enjoy all season long.

IMG_3374 (2).jpg

Zonal Geraniums

Bushy plants with a large double flower, mainly used in containers and garden bedding. These are available in a range of colors white, pink, salmon, coral, orange, red, magenta, lavender, and bi-colors. We also carry exotic with variegated leaves.

Tips for Planting
Plant in full sun in containers or garden beds use a good potting soil. You can use a water soluble or a slow release fertilizer. To promote re-blooming you must dead head blooms.

Ivy Geraniums

Add a burst of color to a window or a porch with these cascading mound Ivy Geraniums. These Geraniums have a large flower with ivy shaped leaves. Plant in full sun can be used in hanging baskets, window boxes, combination planters, garden beds and pots.

Martha Washington Geraniums

Martha Washington Geranium.JPG

This bushy plant has some of the most unusual flowers. Can be used has a house plant in the cooler months then moved outside during the summer. Recommended to be planted in containers and
Garden Beds.

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