Hanging Baskets

Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center carries the most beautiful and unique hanging baskets in the area. Our hanging baskets are ‘Lehigh Valley grown’ in our own greenhouses by our planting experts. During our busiest season, fresh hanging baskets are delivered on a daily basis from our company greenhouse. Hanging baskets arrive in late April and are restocked throughout the summer. We only grow the best flower varieties that will truly make a statement on your patio or deck.

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Part sun. Small white flowers on a trailing plant.
Wax Begonias and Winged Begonias are popular shade loving plants that hold up well in the heat.
Shade Loving plants with beautiful two toned flowers.
Unique flower for the sun. Large daisy like with stripes on the petals.
Great hanging baskets for the shade. This plant is available in every color and will continuously bloom until frost.
New Guinea Impatien
A shade to partial shade plant with beautiful flowering plants and striking foliage. These hardy plants are disease resistant.
Million Bells – Calibrachoa
A Great hanging basket for a sun to partial sun location. There are over 20 colors to choose from. Our specialty is a mix of multiple colors in each basket.
Early spring blooming hanging basket.
A great plant for a hot sunny location has small rose-like flowers in a variety of colors.
A great basket for the sun.
This is a great full sun and heat tolerant plant that has pretty pom pom like flowers in many two tone colors.
Large flowers with ivy shaped leaves. Heat tolerant and sun loving.
Sun-loving heat tolerant plant that comes in Blue, Pink, or white spike flowers.
Sun-loving with yellow and orange paper like flowers.
Best in shade to partial shade. Blue horn shaped flower that holds up great in the heat.
Sun to partial sun beautiful double flower in a wide range of colors.
Great Summer Basket. Available in June.
Foliage Baskets
  • Asparagus Fern
  • Boston Fern
  • Wandering Jew
  • Mezzo Vines
  • Potato Vines