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Pest Control

Are those pesky rodents and insects ruining your gardens? Our knowledgeable staff can help diagnose your plant problems and recommend a viable solution. Lehigh Valley Home & Garden Center carries a wide assortment of products to rid your garden of animals, insects, and other pests. 


  • Liquid Fence –Repels Deer and Rabbits
  • Bonide Repel All
  • Plantskydd -100% Organic
  • Ortho Deer B Gon
  • Deer Out


  • Bayer Advanced Tree & Shrub Protect & Feed
  • Bayer Advanced Rose & Flower
  • Bayer Complete Insect Killer
  • Bayer Home Pest Control
  • Bayer Grub Control
  • Garden Tech Sevin
  • Scotts® GrubEx®
  • St. Gabriel Milky Spore
  • Ortho Bug B Gone
  • Ortho Home Defense Products
For more information regarding these products please visit the manufacturer’s website: