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Importance of Mulching

March 05, 2019

When it comes to caring for your garden, mulch can be as important to plant health as soil and water. Mulching provides plenty of benefits, both functionally and aesthetically, but is often an overlooked part of our gardening routine. We’re here to help you understand the importance of mulching, and how to choose the right mulch for your garden!

Outdoor Furniture

February 26, 2019

When the sun is shining and temperatures are warm, there’s no better place to be than outside in your own little paradise. With patio season fast approaching, we’re preparing ourselves for afternoons spent basking in the sun, and evenings spent barbecuing with a beer in hand. But to make our outdoor area a truly enjoyable and welcoming place, a good quality patio furniture set is essential. Here’s our advice on choosing outdoor furniture that’s both functional and stylish!

Grub Control

February 19, 2019

Unlike other common garden pests, who happily (and visibly) munch on our plants, grubs are a little more hidden. They live beneath the ground, snacking on the important organic matter that your plants need for nutrients and although they leave the foliage alone, their appetite for your plant’s roots is even more of a problem.

Lawn Care Calendar

February 12, 2019

When it comes to tackling any long-term project, going in with an organized schedule helps ensure everything goes according to plan. Lawn maintenance is no different— by having a system set in place that you can stick to, you’ll undoubtedly make your lawn care efforts easier to manage and more successful overall. Here’s how you can get started on developing a proper lawn care schedule for the upcoming seasons. 

Spring Yard Clean Up

February 05, 2019

There’s something about spring that just invigorates us. New growth and budding blooms give color to our world once again, helping us shake our winter blues, and the warmth of spring and longer days provides encouragement to be more active. Use this energy to give your yard a much-needed spring clean-up!

Pruning Calendar

January 29, 2019

Pruning is an important part of garden maintenance, and often a vital role in a plant’s health. Removing dead, diseased, or crossing limbs keeps our branching friends strong and healthy. Not to mention, a tidied look enhances their natural beauty! The best time for pruning will ultimately depend on what type of plant you have. Take a look at our helpful pruning calendar to keep your trees and shrubs healthy and happy.

Protecting Evergreens for the Winter

January 22, 2019

We tend to assume that evergreens are so hardy that they have no problem facing the worst that a Pennsylvania winter can throw at them. While these beautiful trees and shrubs stay vibrantly green and don’t share the same fate as deciduous trees when the temperatures plunge, it doesn’t mean that they can’t benefit from - or sometimes even need - a little bit of love and care to look their best. A bit of seasonal effort is all that you need to have your evergreens looking healthy for longer.

Feeding Birds in the Winter

January 15, 2019

Something about birds singing in our backyard just completes our garden and home. While getting birds to visit your garden isn’t quite as simple as collecting and planting your favorite flowers, there are lots of ways you can entice your neighbourhood birds to make your home their popular hangout. 

Deer-Proofing Your Property

January 08, 2019

Here in Pennsylvania, we have a complicated relationship with deer. They’re an emblem of our state, they’re beautiful to look at - and they can be a complete nuisance. While there are around 1.5 million white-tailed deer in our beautiful state, when it comes to our yards, we’d like to keep that number closer to zero. Keep deer out of your garden with these tips.

Spotted Lanternfly

January 01, 2019

The USDA is spending $17.5 million to fight a new garden scourge that's spreading out of control across North America. While we might not have the budget of a government department, each of us still has to deal with these pests trying to take over our yards - so learning more about them and how to save our gardens from them is quickly becoming more and more important.